The modern network of all-electronic toll roads is outstanding in the Austin area. It gives drivers reliable choices to get out of traffic congestion and gridlock. Most drivers take advantage of the benefits of using a prepaid TxTag account to pay tolls. Drivers who use TxTag never have to worry about mail-in fees or late fines, and they pay the lowest toll rates on every journey. All toll roads in Austin and around Texas are compatible with TxTag. In Oklahoma and Kansas, drivers can also pay tolls with their TxTag.

How Does TXTAG Function?

A TxTag account allows you to prepay all tolls. To open an account, you must pay a minimum of $20, while tolls will be debited from your prepaid balance. The entire household's worth of automobiles can be covered by a single TxTag account. There is never a service charge for using a tag, and TxTag users can check their account balance and transactions online or over the phone at any time.

Opening a TxTag account is simple and only takes a few minutes, either online at or over the phone at 1-888-468-9824. The TxTag Customer Service Centre, situated at 12719 Burnet Road in north Austin, is another location where Central Texans can pick up a TxTag, pay a bill, or manage an existing account. Additionally, TxTag customer support agents are on hand to help clients during the week at the DPS driver's licence offices in New Braunfels, Georgetown, and Pflugerville. Visit for further details on locations where users can physically open a TxTag account.

Autopayable TXTAG Sticker For Free

Drivers who enrol in AutoPay are eligible for complimentary TxTag windscreen stickers. By enabling AutoPay, a customer's credit or debit card will be automatically charged when their TxTag account balance falls below a predetermined level. AutoPay users never have to worry about whether there is enough money in their TxTag account to pay their tolls as long as the credit or debit card information is current. This safe and practical service is available without charge.

Always Use TXTAG To Pay Less

Whether you rarely need to use toll roads or they are a part of your everyday commute, TxTag is the most convenient and easiest way to pay tolls throughout the state of Texas. Visit for maps, toll information, and further details on how to use TxTag to save money.

Soon, users of TxTag toll road billing systems will have more convenient ways to access their accounts and make payments. In order to give consumers a smoother and more effective account experience, the Texas Department of Transportation has partnered with Xerox to centralize all of the organization's toll billing activities.

Retired LtGen J.F. Weber, USMC, executive director of TxDOT, stated, "We've heard from our customers and look forward to offering improved TxTag billing services that will help them access their account information and pay a bill without waiting in long lines or on hold"

In particular, the new toll billing system will simplify account administration, speed up customer support, simplify billing, and provide other benefits like:

  • There will be a single, updated billing statement with all account charges;
  • The improved website will provide live chat assistance;
  • A new mobile website for account management while on the go;
  • Alerts accessible with text messaging
  • Easier way to sign in to your account online;
  • A new automated phone system that checks account balance, updates account information, makes payments, and tracks recent tolls;
  • Additional AutoPay account options;
  • No expenses for reactivation.

Clients who use TxTag pay 25% less in tolls. The sticker is valid on all Texas toll roads. Go to to obtain a TxTag or for additional information. By mid-summer, the new system should be completely operational, at which point the media will receive another notice. For media inquiries, please get in touch with TxDOT Media Relations at (512) 463-8700 or


In conclusion, implementing TXTAG has proven to be a transformative solution in modernizing toll collection systems. By offering convenience, efficiency, and enhanced traffic management, TXTAG has significantly improved the overall driving experience for commuters. Its seamless integration with various transportation networks underscores its adaptability and effectiveness. As we move forward, continued investment and innovation in technologies like TXTAG will be pivotal in addressing the evolving challenges of transportation infrastructure. Ultimately, TXTAG stands as a beacon of progress, facilitating smoother journeys and laying the groundwork for a more interconnected and sustainable future in transportation.